Nnadi Samuel

Wreckful as the Stream, I Summon a Waterfront

I run out of ways to midwife safely, the delicate stream that burdens my core: 
plump turquoise flood—foaming in maritime rage,
begging that I miscarry it with each belly-flop that translates to 
‘nurture your liquid suffering, even when the edges are porous.’

my roof shreds with the last shoots of rain,
& the war lures me to witness a live band of granite, ramming into beauty.
wind, folding the last pleat of wave
& just like that—violence punctures the rough terrain.

the spillover blessing—a rustling shard, dotting the manuscript of silt like endnotes.

I bloodlet a nasty chorus muddling up the sheet of sand, 
where I letterhead my family on the bright side of grief.

wreckful as the stream, I tarnish whatever gorgeousness lusts after me: 
aqueduct, unspooling wet luster—a moment of unhatched bliss.

I summon a waterfront, to douse the rage that spills my future onto a borrowed past.

death lends me a body.
each breath I take—heavy as an accent,
handed down from one lineage to the next.

Nnadi Samuel (he/him/his) holds a B.A in English & literature from the University of Benin. Author of Nature knows a little about Slave Trade selected by Tate. N. Oquendo (Sundress Publication, 2023). His works have been previously published/forthcoming in The Suburban Review, Seventh Wave Magazine, NativeSkin lit Magazine, Quarterly West, Commonwealth Writers, Foglifter, The Capilano Review, Poetry Ireland, The Spectacle Magazine, Arc Poetry, and elsewhere. A three-time Best of the Net, and seven-time Pushcart Nominee, he won the Angela C Mankiewicz Poetry Contest, River Heron Editor’s Prize 2022 and Bronze prize for the Creative Future Writer’s Award 2022, UK London. He tweets @Samuelsamba10.

Published by swim meet lit mag

swim meet lit mag is a young online publication based in Brisbane, Australia. Swim meets bring people together; swim meet lit mag seeks to offer an accessible space to read and publish all kinds of creative work from around the world, with a particular focus on local emerging writers. Now in its third year of operation, swim meet lit mag plans to continue expanding its catalogue, which is, and will always be, free to access. Each issue is framed by a swimming-related theme, to which the responses are always wonderfully surprising and diverse. 

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