Lucy Robin


When you are sick in Indonesia, I amuse myself with words that have no English translation: now, right now, in a little bit, maybe later, maybe tomorrow, maybe never. You eat plain crackers 

and I open a beer with my belt buckle. When I was young my father used to say he wished 

he could be ill for me. Your mother put wet towels in the freezer and placed them on your 

collarbones. I put you to bed, sniff your hair (ligneous, sawdust). Depeche Mode is playing 

too loud at the bar on Monkey Forest Road. In the morning you are not well enough for 

breakfast. I eat pandan crepes and read about Bahasa grammar. The adjective is mentioned first, 

then the noun: scooter red, man yelling, woman beautiful. I buy you charcoal tablets; you don’t 

take them; you are okay. In the afternoon, you swim to me because there is nobody around. You 

misspeak and call him Bruce Springfield. Tell me what it means when I only have patience for 


Every day, it storms at half-past five, and we run to the balcony for the light show.

Lucy Robin is a writer and bookseller based on stolen Boon Wurrung land. You can find their work forthcoming or published in Island, Voiceworks, Archer, Baby Teeth, #Enby Life, and Farrago, where they were a nonfiction subeditor. In 2022, they were chosen to read at The Wheeler Centre’s ‘The Next Big Thing: Known Unknowns’ showcase. Most recently, their work was shortlisted for the Kill Your Darlings Creative Non-Fiction Essay Prize. 

Published by swim meet lit mag

swim meet lit mag is a young online publication based in Brisbane, Australia. Swim meets bring people together; swim meet lit mag seeks to offer an accessible space to read and publish all kinds of creative work from around the world, with a particular focus on local emerging writers. Now in its third year of operation, swim meet lit mag plans to continue expanding its catalogue, which is, and will always be, free to access. Each issue is framed by a swimming-related theme, to which the responses are always wonderfully surprising and diverse. 

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